Does It Make Sense To Have Education Logos For An Education Institute?

Everything that is logical, reasonable and sensible makes sense which also holds true for several corporate identities rolling in the business market. If it didn’t make sense, they won’t have tried their hands in creating the brand mark for their companies. In other words, the universal adaption of these corporate identities is a powerful proof of its need and importance.

Let me tell you some historical facts to further clear your line of perception..

It does make sense from the very day of its inception; logo history dates back to the ancient era of the Babylonian, Assyrian, Mayan, Chinese, and Egyptian who used pictograph as a mean to convey a particular message. This era can be considered as a gradual evolution of the preponderant corporate identities which are now not bounded to businesses or companies but educational institutes as well.

Today, we can see a heap of department of education logo designs all around us which consists of all the relevant objects that adheres to the general principles of education. To incorporate general symbols like a book, a student etc has become the rule of thumb for designing such brand mark identities.

But the question here is that do they differentiate one learning institute from another?

Its much obvious that if you will come up with the same thing again and again, it will not help you by any means. Its good to use a book in your institute’s brand mark but if every learning institute would adopt the same idea then how it will suppose to work for you. To be frank with, it won’t!

Let me twist this idiom a bit which is now, “sow the seeds that can be reaped”. See, how much it suits the designing process of educational brand marks. Unless this thing is unique, there is no way that you can reap the rewards, so make sure you have come up with something that will imprint the overall image and message of your learning institute in the minds of the viewers.

To make it look unique, you can use the globe to show that we offer international level of education. Instead of using pen which has been used by several graphic designers, you can make an effective use of ink pots, feathers and blots to depict the years and years of education your institute is providing to the world. Graduation caps would be a bit different idea that can be used for the universities. Place a globe in hands to show the level of education you provide to your students.

So, if you still want to use a book in your brand mark then you can incorporate a student reading a book while sitting on the globe. Those were some rough ideas to help you get a perfect recognition device for your school, college, university or whatever learning institute you are running.

In short, it does make sense to get education logos for your institute only and only if..

The brand mark is unique, enthralling and interesting enough to grab the attention of the viewers in the first glance!

Critical Personality Traits Essential For Home Based Business Success


In my years of mentoring and conducting Business Management training, people usually want me to tell them if I think they have the attributes to succeed in Home Based Business.

Much as this appears to be a difficult question to answer, research has shown that there’re indeed certain character traits that predispose some people to succeed in home based enterprise.

Aspiring to become a Home Based Entrepreneur is quite exciting; what with the pride of being your own Boss. But desire is one thing and having the right Personal Traits that can ensure the success of the business is another ball game altogether.

Some of these traits are innate while some can be learned. However I have enumerated them here for you to consider before taking the leap. This is not meant to discourage you but to bring them to your awareness in order to help you prepare properly and make a success of your dream. Do not be dismayed even if you lack some of these attributes because they can be learned or acquired through training.

So in this write up, we’ll discuss the personal character traits most successful Home Based Entrepreneurs always seem to have.

I hope this will help you do a self-assessment and thereafter invest in training to beef up areas of need.

Without further delay, below are the attributes.

• Great Determination

Right from the beginning, you must make up your mind to succeed in your chosen endeavor. Having a “Can Do Spirit” is always an advantage. When the pressure builds up, it’s only that huge determination to succeed that will help see you through.

As the saying goes “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”

• Having Self Confidence

This is almost like having strong determination. Having self -confidence and believing in one’s ability is also very important in the potential success matrix needed by a Home Business Owner. The saying “self- confidence makes the man” must have come from this. Even the ordinary con man is able to perpetrate his activities through his self-confidence.

• Consummate Self Starter

A self-starter is a person who does not procrastinate. He does not wait for someone to prod him into taking necessary action.

A self-starter will not postpone to tomorrow what he’s supposed to do today. A self-starter is an action oriented person who attacks the task at hand and achieves set targets without being supervised or reminded.

• Being A Natural Risk Taker

In order to succeed as a Home Based Entrepreneur, you must be a natural risk taker. Some people are risk averse but almost all successful Home Business Owners are ready to take that risk, burn all bridges and do whatever it takes to succeed.

• Fast Thinking And Flexibility

Having the ability to think fast and react quickly to unfolding situations is the hallmark of a successful Home Business Owner.

Threats can come up suddenly from new government policies and the ability to think fast and adapt to the new situation can make the difference between success and collapse of the business.

• Do What You Enjoy

You have to be totally obsessed with your Home Based Business. You eat and drink it every moment of the day.

You must be very passionate about your business or else you’ll cave in when the pressure builds up.

I recommend that you get involved with what you enjoy doing. Even turning your hobby into a Home Based Business could be the best decision.

You’ll work harder and succeed faster because you won’t see what you’re doing as work. Invest in that thing that you would enjoy doing even if there are no pecuniary benefits.

• Have A Good Business Plan

You must be able to prepare a good Business Plan and work the plan. It’s said that “He who fails to plan has already planned to fail”. Your Business Plan is like a Blue Print for your business. It must be flexible though to make room for adjustments as you go along. It’s like a road map that’ll lead you to the final goals set for your business.

• Good Money Management Skills

Having the right attitude to money is very essential. No matter the amount of cash available, a Home Business Owner without the right Money Management Skills will run the business aground.

You must have a Money Management Plan and stick to the plan. Knowing how to allocate resources to the most needed areas of the business is very important.

My advice is that you must be shrewd and frugal with your expenses- especially cash flow. This is to avoid running out of cash at an auspicious time.

• Good Selling Skills

Having the right selling skills can help you succeed in your business.

You must be able to explain to people why what you’re offering is the best solution for the problem they’re having.

• Create Authority Around You

If you want to succeed in your Home Business, you must be willing to learn new things. You must be willing to keep up to date with latest industry trends.

Being disposed to reading books, attending seminars and staying ahead of the competition is very essential.

Your ability to market yourself as an Expert and a reliable resource in your field is very important.

People will run to you for solution to their problems.

• You Need Good Marketing Skills

The ability to develop the perfect USP for your Home Business is very important. You must have a very good reason why I should buy your products/services instead of buying from the shop down the road. This could be the difference between growth and early bankruptcy.

• Excellent Net Working Skills

A Home Based Entrepreneur with excellent networking skills already has an advantage.

Good networking skills entail having the ability to strike up relationships that can generate business opportunities and mutually beneficial relationships.

It should not be a one way street though. You must think of what you can contribute to the relationship even before thinking of what to get from the other person.

• Develop A Magnetic Personality

Having a likable persona that will attract people to you is an advantage. On the internet, design an engaging website. Don’t be aloof. Always stay engaged with your customers and community.

• Be Organized, Be Disciplined!

You must not take for granted that you are your own boss and so wake up 10 am and decide to chill with a glass of wine and some music. No! You must maintain a high self – esteem and discipline. Wake up early, listen to industry news and get started with the day’s activities.

I mean you must have a positive daily routine

• Embrace New Technology And Management Processes

By this I mean you should be disposed to the use of modern technology. Invest in new technology that will help you work smarter by achieving more results while working less. For instance, if you are being inundated with orders and you are having problems meeting up with schedule, you can outsource this aspect of your business to experts in that field. This way you keep your business lean and responsive.

You can also invest in modern software like inventory management software to help you manage your business more effectively.

You can also invest in ICT to help you run your business more efficiently.

• Be Professional

Strive at all times to be professional in all your dealings. Maintain the highest ethical standards. Honesty must be your watch word!

Dress appropriately when meeting with clients.

Ensure you have a home office and a dedicated phone line for your business

• Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Finally, this might sound weird but failure is part of the process of learning how to do it better next time. Do not be afraid to fail but remember to take away the lessons learned.

The great Thomas Edison who failed over 5000 times while trying to discover the incandescent lamp said that each failure taught him how to do it better next time.

Wrapping Up

We’ve come to the end of this discussion and I hope you find this write up useful. Though some of these attributes are innate, they can all be acquired through structured training. So you should not be discouraged if you find yourself wanting in some areas.

Do you feel I’ve left out anything, please feel free to send in your thoughts.

India Travel Tips

Passport, Visa and Important Documents

To visit and explore India, you need valid passport and visa to India. Always carry passport, visa and other travel documents at all times. It is always advisable to keep photocopy of passport and other travel documents. Always take a photocopy of your passport (with personal detail and photograph), copy of the page with your Indian Visa, a photocopy of your travel insurance policy, and keep a record of the traveller’s cheques you have exchanged, where they were encashed, the amount and serial number and never keep them together. It’s not a bad idea to leave photocopies of your important travel documents with a friend or relative at home.

To go to certain destinations in India one needs additional permits such as Andaman Islands, Gujarat, Ladakh, Kerala, and more. Check with your travel agent or embassy while planning your visit.


It is very important to keep your money and travel documents together. India transport system is very too but crowded too. So beware of pick pockets and thieves in buses, trains and crowded places. Be alert in dark and lonely places. Never keep your money at one place. In case your passport is stolen or lost, immediately lodge FIR at the local police station and notify your country’s embassy or consulate. While traveling alone don’t familiarize with unknown people. Don’t encourage beggars.


It is perfectly safe to travel to India at any time during the year. But traveling India depends on the destinations of India you want to explore. November-March is (by far) the best time to visit most of the country India. For a visit to the north – mountainous regions of India, the months of April to October better suited as temperatures tend to be cooler in north. Exploring south part of India the best months are between November to January as the south is coolest in these months.

The best times to explore Ooty, Darjeeling and other mountain areas are March, April, October and November. If you’re traveling India during spring or summer, you’ll want to stick to the hill stations (60-70 F/ 15-21 C). During the winter, avoid Kashmir (30-45 F/0-7 C), unless you’re going skiing, and Ladakh, one of the coldest inhabited regions on Earth.

The summer season in India lasts from March to June.

The winter season lasts from October to February.

The monsoon season lasts from July to September.


While planning to visit India during summers in the period of March to June, carry light cotton clothes. India summers are too hot. One can wear shorts also. Women should dress conservatively. Shorts and too tight revealing clothes should be avoided for women. While visiting North India during summers kindly carry some warms clothes as it is cold there.

During winters, especially North India in the period of October to February pack some woolen clothes and warm inners.

During rainy seasons, the humidity level is very high, so don’t wear synthetic clothes. It’s advisable to wear cotton clothes in this season.

Kindly don’t wear your footwear while visiting places of worship.

Health Precautions

India is famous for its delightful cuisine. But it is very important to pay attention how the food is cooked, served and stored. Make sure food is cooked in clean hygienic place. Always eat fresh cooked food. Strictly avoid street food and cut fruits. Go to a clean restaurant, especially in summers. Eat balanced and healthy meals. Never eat anything from the roadside vendors. There are high chances of the food being contaminated.

Always carry water bottle with you while traveling and when needed only buy known brander mineral water. If you want to have juice, go in for branded ones being sold in tetra packs.

Stock your self with first aid kit – adhesive bandages, thermometer, water-purification tablets, antibiotics, antiseptic creams and mosquito repellents.

In summers since its too hot, always carry umbrella if possible. Keep good sunscreen and sun block cream of SPF 15 or higher.

If you fall ill, see the doc and keep cool. Tell yourself that this too shall pass!

Shopping in India

Shopping tours of India allows tourists to shop for traditional and ethnic handicrafts to more exotic and modern shopping. In India each region has its own specialties, each town its own local craftspeople and its own particular skills. The whole country is a shopping mall, with sellers offering some of the most exotic products one can find anywhere, be it handicrafts or herbs, paintings or antiques, traditional garments or modern fashion statements, India has everything to offer.

Shopping in India is a wonderful experience, whether it’s air-conditioned shopping malls or street shops, India an ultimate destination for shopping. Almost all items of the India are appreciated be it for fabrics, silverware, carpets, leatherwork and antiques; India is a shopper’s paradise.

The Indian market caters multiple options to the travelers to pick the right thing of right choice and is the ultimate destination for the shoppers around the world. A leisurely walk through the crowded lanes of the Indian metro cities are sure to indulge your sense and taste for exquisitely carved jewellery, beautiful handicraft items, semi precious stone studded garland, metal craft, wood craft, floor coverings, ceramics, clothes, musical instruments, excellent paintings and some real good Indian clothes.

Whether it is air-conditioned shopping malls or a street shop, shopping is a sheer fun here. The bustling markets of the India can make even the most unwilling person a prospective client and are full of people from all walks of life.

The only problem is how to get all your purchases back home! Before buying anything, it is better to compare prices with the neighboring shop. With tourists, bargaining is almost a practice. Always be wary of roadside peddlers trying to sell you semi-precious and precious gems and jewelry. However, Emporiums run by State Government are a safe place to buy because the quality is standardized, the UPS usually lower the prices fixed. Ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchases and that you obtain a proper receipt. Return of goods is not entertained, even less, once you have returned to your country because Indian customs have strict regulations against this.

Tips for Women travelers to India

India, a nation of unity in diversity, is a very warm and hospitable country. India has myriad of rich history, culture, heritage, religions, traditions, cuisines and people. Event after western and modern influence, India still remains traditional and conservative country. Because of the social conservatism it’s important that women travelers educate themselves to India’s social mores and culture to best prepare for a safe journey. Women travelers in India should be extremely particular about their clothing, safety, packing, monetary matters, language and shopping. These tips will prove beneficial making your journey a lifetime experience.

  • Women should be proper dressed when at a public place. Low cut, tight-fitting shirts, tank tops, skirts that fall above the knees, shorts and bikinis are highly discouraged. Women Travelers are requested not to wear revealing tight clothes so as not to attract unwanted attention.
  • Apart from the big cities, refrain from any such physical activity that is intimate. Touching between people of the opposite sex in public is very unusual. Even married couples avoid any display of affection publicly. It is alright to shake hands with most people, though keep a distance from males. Some people might just take it in the wrong sense and not like it.
  • Avoid keeping valuables in a purse, which can be easily snatched off your shoulder.
  • In local trains women should try to travel in cars which are reserved for them only.
  • Smoking or drinking by women at public places is not acceptable in India, except metro cities. If you have o smoke or drink, it better to do in hotel.
  • Do not venture in isolated places alone. It is also advised not to go outside alone after it is very late and dark.
  • While traveling, carry your money safely. Though there are no such risks of people snatching your money, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Its advisable to fasten pouches with an attached belt to your waist and can also be worn under clothing are best. Always keep from loose change in your pockets. Be ware of beggars who might mob you.
  • Avoid situations where you may find yourself alone with a man.
  • When traveling on public transportation, lock your bags together with a cable lock and then to a stationary object such as a bench or immovable seat.


Communication in India is not at all a problem. It is at par with the best in the world. There are so many fastest and all modern means of communicating in India.

Public Phone Booths (PCO)/Telephones/Mobiles

The most common means of communication is Public Telephone Booths commonly called as PCOs. Almost every street in India has phone booth which provides the facility of local (within city), STD (inter state) and ISD (international calls). Fax facility is also available at most of the booths. Another option is to carry mobile phone and buy local sim card from any service provider, get it activated and be in touch with all your family members and friends. For buying sim card need to make payment and provide identity proof of yours like passport.

Email/Internet/Cyber Cafes

One most inexpensive and fast mode of communication is Internet. India is well connected to the world through Internet. Almost all urban cities have high speed Internet facilities and now its also reaching villages and rural areas of India. Tourist can also use the service of cyber cafes that provide all internet facilities like e-mail, chatting, voice chat, etc. These cyber cafes provide internet service at minimal costs and you can easily locate them that have sprung up at every nook and corner in all cities. It is always advisable to duplicate records of Travellers Cheque numbers, passport and plane details, etc. on your email accounts.

Postal Services

Last, but not the least, you can use Indian postal services that are excellent compared to other countries as means of communication. Tourists can make use of letters, postcards, etc. The postal offices also provide telegram services to those places where telephone and Internet are not available. For faster communication one can use telegrams, courier and speed post. The Indian postal service also offers Airmail services to Europe, Australia and Africa takes almost a week. For America, it takes a little longer than a week say around 10 days.

Credit Cards

American Express, Master Charge, Visa and Diners Club credit cards are generally accepted by large establishments including hotels, shops, and airlines.


ln case of complaints against taxi or auto rickshaw for overcharging or cheating, note down the number of the vehicle and lodge a report with Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic). you can get the Contact Phone Nos in Telephone Directory.

Travel Tips For India

India has always intrigued and mesmerized the rest of the world and will continue to do so!! Welcome to India- where splendor bedazzles, traditions speak and variety delights It is a haven of tourism delights, a nation to tour through. Tourists come to India for its wealth of tourist attractions, cultural enthusiasm, and variety of terrain and in search of that unique something, an added punch that only India delivers.

While visiting this exotic abode, you must know some basic facts.


The first thing is to know about visas to India. Citizens of all countries, except Nepal & Bhutan, need a legitimate national passport or legitimate travel documents and a legitimate visa granted by Missions abroad for entering India.


India is well linked to international countries and it has a wide internal transport network within. The Rail network in India is largest in the world. You will not face any difficulty while traveling in India through rail and road. All the major metropolises in India have an international airport and are well connected through the rail network.


The Indian currency is called Indian Rupee (INR). The Rupee comes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000. Sites like Finance India have currency converters that are a great help. The site helps convert US dollar into India rupee within seconds.


India is a conservative country .It is advisable to dress modestly. Although safe travelers should guard against theft and beware of unscrupulous agents, travel guides etc.There are many who will try to overcharge you, so arm yourself with information as to standard rates before leaving the hotel. You will also come across many street beggars. It may seem heartless but it is much safer to ignore them. If you give alms to one then you will be overwhelmed by all the beggars in that area.


The Indian subcontinent has eight climatic zones. India has such varied temperature zones that with in a couple of hours, one is able to see a drastic temperature changes from the cold crisp air of the mountains to the burning dry heat of the Rajasthan Desert. So, bring clothing according to the weather of the place you are going to tour.

In addition to the above there are some general rules of travel that all tourists should follow -

  • Carry back all non-degradable litter such as empty bottles, tins, plastic bags etc. These must not litter the environment or be buried. They must be disposed in proper dustbins only.
  • Observe the sacredness of holy sites, temples and local cultures.
  • Do not play loudly radios; tapes etc. in nature resorts, sanctuaries and wildlife parks.
  • Value people’s privacy while clicking photographs. Ask for prior consent before taking a photograph

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure you have a hassle free enjoyable trip.

Misc Travel Tips

These pages (see other travel articles by Lance Chambers) have covered quite a lot of travel tips but no structured system of chapters can cover everything. So we have had to resort to a Misc. section to cover those items that are not amenable to separation into sections.

Tipping is expected in some countries and not in others. Find out what is expected. In the USA for example the tip is often included in the bill, in others you are expected to offer a tip in cash or add it to the bill yourself and in still others people may be slightly offended (this does not often happen though). Often, where tipping is expected, you will discover that 15% is normal but that not always easy to calculate. We believe that 10% will always be acceptable and is far easier to work out – all you have to do is shift the decimal point one space to the left (eg $11.55 becomes $1.15). However, sometimes it’s not easy to pay those little bits and pieces like $0.15 so round the amount up to the next set of currency you have so $1.15 may become $1.50 if you have the right change. Be aware that in the poorer countries wages can be so low that it is the tips that allow someone to feed their family so please don’t be tight! You can afford it and the really need it.

Electronic bits and pieces can be a real problem in some countries. Plugs can differ, voltages are all over the place (the EU was supposed to standardize on 220v but the reality is that it can range from a high of 240 in the UK to a low of 125 in some older buildings in Europe – do NOT plug a 220v appliance into 125v it can be dangerous. A 220v appliance is okay in 240v) and camera batteries can be hard to find.

Plugs can be different around the world and therefore you may need to buy an adaptor before you leave home. Do not expect to be able to buy the correct adapter once you have left as each country only stocks plug that plug their electronic gear into sockets of other countries not other countries into their sockets. You may also need to make sure you have a transformer or, more likely today, equipement that can handle all the different voltage ranges.

Buying DVD’s can be a problem overseas because different countries use different codexes – in other words the USA uses NTSC as a coding mechanism for video but others use PAL or SECAM and you may need the rightly coded DVD before it will play back home. Check your player before you go so you know what it will or won’t play just to be safe. There is also the ‘zones’ problem. DVD’s can be ‘coded’ to play on machines that have been set up with a particular regional zone and they will not play on players that have been set up with a different zone. So you may need to check which zone your machine has been set to. This is not so much of a problem these days as many players are now sold with ‘all zones’ as a default.

Digital cameras are really the way to go when traveling unless you’re professional photographer and then you know exactly what you need to do and need no advice from us. Firstly make sure you use lithium batteries as the alkaline ones won’t last very long. Take a spare set of batteries with you and a recharger. Buy the largest memory module you can afford and have a spare (use the one that came with the camera, which is usually rather small, as your backup). To be safe burn your pics onto CD at every opportunity or take a hard-drive backup system with you.

Keep in touch It is important to your loved ones and probably to you as well that you keep in touch. Your friends and relatives want to know you’re okay and what’s happening and we’re sure you want to tell everyone how everything is going. The easiest way to do that is to:

  • set up a free e-mail account with Hotmail, Yahoo or Lycos. If you have never done this before it’s very easy. These sites will all need a few details and that’s it – nothing personal. We suggest you try it out for a few weeks before you head off overseas just so you know how to make it all work. Once you are on your trip you will need access to a computer to use your e-mail account and you will find available machines everywhere (even in the remotest parts of the 3rd world).
  • If you already have an e-mail account you can often access it from overseas. Ask your ISP if they have a web-based e-mail service. If they do then you can send and receive e-mails from anywhere in the world via your regular e-mail account.

Bargaining can be an art form but it can also be cruel and un-necessary. If buying a diamond ring in Milan then bargain for all you are worth but when in countries like India and Egypt it can be forcing someones child to do without an evening meal. Do not use your wealth and position to destroy us it to help. A few pennies is nothing to you but can mean a lot to some.

Litter can be a real problem in some places. When you’re in towns and cities it’s easy to get rid of your garbage – it goes in the bin. But in some other places such as in the middle of a bush walk or climbing to Mount Everest base-camp you need to take your garbage with you and get rid of it in a proper manner.

Stay on marked tracks if in wild or remote areas. Getting lost can be dangerous! In other areas such as national parks the tracks are often laid down because people walking all over the place can destroy what those people have come to see. Hardian’s Wall in the north of England is being destroyed by hikers walking on the wall itself – a monument to Rome that has survived for over 1400 years is being destroyed by those who love it – don’t join their ranks – please.

Plant or animal items should not be taken out of countries unless you are sure it’s legal. They are often protected by law and may not be allowed into your own country either because of quarantine laws. You could end up in a foreign prison for a long time – drugs are not the only contrabands around.

If you need to go to the toilet and there are no public conveniences make sure you dig a hole at least 15 cms (6 inches) deep and then cover it over once you have finished. Do NOT defecate or urinate into a lake or river, or even near one, as often this is a source of drinking or bathing water and the spread of disease this way can be fatal.

Eat well (lots of greens and carbs). It is safe to eat what the locals eat in ‘unhygenic’ countries as long as it is HOT (temperature hot – if it’s steaming then it’s safe). Beware of food that is washed or wet as sometimes the water supply can be contaminated. If you’re worried wash the food yourself with bottled water which is safe and can be found anywhere in the world today.

A hospital stay can really ruin your holiday. Not only could it mean that all your flight and tour connections are useless but your hotel bookings are probably all gone as well and the festivals have finished and you’ll have to try and get to them next year if you have the time and money. But that’s not the worst of it. You could, in some countries without a public health system, be up for significant costs and if you have to be repatriated home then there is the cost of that as well and it’s NOT cheap. There is also the problem that in some countries even if there is a public health system a requirement that your family bring in your food and see to your comfort – how you do that when your nearest family member is 5,000 miles away? The best you can do is either beg your room partners (in many hospitals you will not find private rooms but rather large wards filled with patients) family to look after you as well or pay a local to feed you and clean your clothes. Also sometimes the food you’re offered in foreign hospitals can look strange to say the least – ‘Green slime on dog droppings’ has been one description we’ve heard.

Rest can be critical when traveling. Make sure you can get a good nights sleep and maybe take opportunities to relax during the day – sit down and have a break. Take a good book with you. Many a long train or bus trip needs a book to pass the time and there are always those dreary wet rainy days when you just can’t get out. Take a book that you KNOW you will want to read.

In non-native speaking countries it can be very frustrating trying to communicate. But if you speak one of the worlds major languages it should not to be to difficult to find someone to help. But always be aware that finding someone who speaks your language is a privilege and not a right! Do NOT get angry, wave your arms around, speak loudly, be arrogant or rude if people cannot communicate in your language – after all you obviously can’t speak theirs otherwise they wouldn’t be a problem.

Depressing days will come. There will be times you just want to Go Home! Don’t panic it happens to us all at times. Try to work out what’s going on. Maybe this is your first birthday away from home, it’s New Years Day and you’re stuck in the middle of a monsoon with rain running down your back inside your clothes. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed because you haven’t heard a word in your own language for three weeks – read something, anything, in your own language. That will help a lot in these situations – or what about that book we suggested you take along?


  • eggs are safe because they are protected by their shell – false – eggs can carry disease
  • skinned fruit like bananas and oranges are safe to eat – true – once you skin them
  • Because I’m a Westerner/Rich/Intelligent/Educated I will be respected – false – how would you like a foreigner coming into your country and telling you you’re wrong
  • I have money and so can do what I want – false – money does not mean you are invulnerable
  • I know better than the people I’m visiting – false – you are simply different not better
  • I don’t need a visa to go to ### – false – you may so check
  • I have to be careful because I am a Westerner/Rich/Educated – false – just take as much care overseas as you would back home; unless you live in a crime free area where everyone is wonderful
  • I’ll be safe – false – there are many unsafe situations even if we forget about crime such as illness or injury. Take out travel insurance. The cost of getting flown home from China or Tanzania because you have a crushed leg could cost you 10′s of thousands.
  • Traveling with friends will be better than traveling alone – false – it can become a nightmare. Habits you find cute back home can become insurmountably irritating after a couple of weeks. If you find yourself in this situation make sure you get some time to yourself.

Fear Of Travel: Tips To Overcome It

Jenny was one of my valued clients. Because I was going on holidays I called Jenny to let her know so she was well informed in case of an emergency and knew exactly who to contact in my absence.

“Where are you going, Rajiv?” Jenny asked upon my informing.
“I am off to Europe, Jenny” I said enthusiastically.
“I could never fly to Europe” Jenny said in a disgruntled tone.
“I know it’s a long flight Jenny, but what can you do? I said in a more convincing voice.
“Oh no, no, no… it’s not about the distance, I would not fly even inter-state here in Australia. I am too scared to fly in an aeroplane.” Jenny opened up.

You see, as much traveling is a pleasure for most of us, it can be a fearful experience for many. A conversation with Jenny made me think about fear of flying – Hodofobia.

But before we look into Hodofobia what is fear in general?

Fear is just an emotion created by our mind, an impulse transmitted to our brain by the conscious mind. Fear is always about the future. Human mind has a tremendous power called “imagination” using which we can either create positive vibrations or negative ones. Worrying about future events is another form of fear, most of which never materialise. It is entirely upon us whether we want to imagine bright colourful future events or ugly nightmares. World famous author Robin Sharma says, “Fear is nothing more than a monster that you have created, a negative of consciousness. Fear is a conditioned response. However, people grow the most when they enter the zone of the unknown.” This is so true.

So, what do most people fear about when it comes to travel? There can be more but following are the common ones.

Fear of traveling in an aeroplane, cruise or boat
Fear about personal safety and security, and safety of valuables
Fear of traveling to new places
Fear for personal safety and security, and fear about safety of valuables are physical and tangible (so to say) but fears of traveling in an aeroplane or traveling to new places are purely associated with our mind.

I remember, two years ago when my wife and I traveled to Europe we carried our passports and other valuables on us all the time. Unfortunately, another family living on the upper floor in our hotel lost their valuables when they went out sight-seeing. When you are traveling to multiple countries you cannot afford to give any time for police investigations of such hotel thefts due to the constraint of time at each destination. If you are not 100% convinced about the safety of your valuables in a hotel, hang the “Do not disturb” sign outside the room door. This gives an impression that someone is in the room and can help avoiding such thefts.

Moving on, let’s now take a look at fear of traveling in an aeroplane (cruise, or boat), and fear of traveling to new places. Both these fears are fear of change and fear for unknown, which are quite mental. Such fears can get more intense with growing age. However, avoiding the wonderful and life changing travel experiences because of these fears is not worth it. Embracing fears is the only way we can overcome them.

Hodofobia – fear of traveling to new places or even the inability to leave your home makes life of people like Jenny extremely difficult. For such people performing usual travel tasks like checking baggage, going through immigration, customs, and security procedures, not losing temper in the event the flights get rescheduled or cancelled, and effective communication with airline and ground staff can be extremely challenging.

However, for those who suffer from Hodofobia but are passionate about traveling, I’ve got good news for you. Hodofobia can be managed quite easily and effectively simply by following a few techniques.

Rule of 5 P’s: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. This probably is the most important technique that Hodofobic people can follow to reduce stress. Your itinerary is more important than your journey itself. Why? Because, it is the structured approach of an itinerary that makes your journey enjoyable. Personally, I invest a lot of time in proactive sowing (planning the journey) so I reap the rewards later. Driving conditions in New Zealand are the same as in Australia. When I visited New Zealand with my family the itinerary was worked out in such minute detail that I followed it blindly without any stress and thoroughly enjoyed the trip as a result of proper planning.

I just love the tremendously gushing speed at which the huge A-380 aircraft starts running before it takes off the ground. But boy, it was exactly the opposite a few years ago. Like many other people my stomach would touch my back due to fear, I would almost lose a heartbeat, and my mouth would get dry. What made the change then? By following certain spiritual practices (“Sadhanas”) I have learned to live in peace and in enjoy the present moment. In the past the air turbulence would stiffen my body and stir my stomach up. But I came to realise that if I don’t have any control over “road turbulence” how can I control air turbulence? Now I treat the air turbulence like the bumps in the road and let my body move with the movement of the aircraft. Within a few minutes I am fine again.
Drinking a lot of water while on the plane will keep you enough hydrated. Reading interesting books, talking to people on the plane, watching TV or listening to music can distract your mind from the unlikely unwanted situations created by your mind.

The unique power of visualization can be used quite effectively to overcome Hodofobia. Visualizing all events in advance, right from leaving home, going to the airport, checking in etc. till reaching your destination can strengthen your mind and prepare it for making things happen favorably for you.

Finally, knowing the rules and regulations, culture, people, and festivals of the country you are visiting makes your trip much enjoyable. Setting right expectations for your mind before your trip begins will not only reduce anxiety and stress levels, it will create a memorable experience for you. You will be able to connect with people very easily and have fun with them.

Government Grants For Education – Tips and Advice

Everyone knows the experience of going through school and constantly struggling to keep up with your tuition payments. School is an investment in time that people use to put themselves in a good position to go far in life. Many students aren’t aware of the different government grants for education that are available to them. They just need to find out what the grants are and send in their application for the grants.

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Government grants for students are designed to help alleviate the financial burden that many students face while they are going to school. The grant can be used to cover the cost of tuition, books, housing or anything that the student needs. Grants are very popular because it is the only time that you will ever get money for free. When you get a grant from the government you can spend it however you like. For this reason, you should try and apply for as many grants as you can.Grants for students are designed to help promote education by rewarding those who are attending school. Students can be studying a variety of different things from sociology to a trade school. Every grant is designed to help a certain demographic of student. Depending on your economic background, you could be eligible for a grant.

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When you are looking to apply for a government grant you should start your search online. Look up the different resources that are available for government grants. Applying to different government grants is very useful so you can get the maximum amount of money possible.

The Energy Healing Power of Natural Medicine

Natural medicine is a system that uses a variety of therapeutic or preventive health care practices such as homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, and herbal medicine. Alternative medicine is also known as traditional, naturopathic, natural or holistic medicine. Proponents of alternative medicine are not refuting the validity of discoveries in and the practical uses of conventional medicine, but are merely trying to put some things into perspective. Due to the widespread interest in natural medicine along with the disappointment and disenchantment with Western medicine, many people, especially in the United States and Europe, where conventional medicine has taken a dominant foothold, are seeking the advice and treatment from naturopathic physicians. These practitioners include herbalists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors, and others, who advocate preventative health measures as well as recommend wholesome foods and nutritional supplements for their patients and clients. Considering the growing popularity and effectiveness of alternative health treatments and products, certified and licensed professional practitioners of such medical practices should be given their rightful and respectful place in medical society. Natural medicine has been proven not only to be safe, but more effective than Western medicine in treating many chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma and many other diseases as well

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The history of Natural Medicine and its roots can be traced back thousands of years to ancient cultures such as India and China. Ayurvedic (E. Indian) and Chinese medicine, along with their diagnostic and herbal systems, are still used in these countries extensively, as well as in the United States, especially in Europe, where alternative medicine is well respected. Chinese herbal medicine has a documented history of over 2500 years in China, and is now widely used by practitioners all over the world. It has been legally practiced in the United States. since the mid seventies by licensed acupuncturists. Homeopathy is also a well-known form of alternative medicine discovered in the 18th century by German physician Samuel Hahnemann, but was practically stamped out in the U.S. in the late nineteenth century by the American Medical Association. In 1938, though, the U.S. Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act finally recognized homeopathic pharmacopoeia as the legal equivalent of allopathic medicine.Another more contemporary and popular form of herbal medicine, called Western herbalism, can be traced back about two hundred years in America. Samuel Thomson, born in 1769, is considered the father of Western herbalism. He discovered over sixty different medically effective native plants by clinical testing, and on the basis of these findings, devised a theory of disease and botanical drug action. Randy Kidu, D.V.M., Ph.D., writes in his articled entitled A Brief History of Alternative Medicine: “The history of herbal medicine is interesting because herbs have been a part of our diet and pharmacy since man began roaming the earth. Coprophytic evidence (seeds and other plant part(found in preserved fecal pellets) points to herbal use by cavemen. Early herbalists practiced their trade since before recorded history in all parts of the world including China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Africa, England, the Americas, and Europe. Many herbs are also mentioned in the Bible. Today, based on sheer numbers of folks who use one form of herbal medicine or another, it remains the most-used medicine worldwide.”Twenty-five hundred years after the advent of allopathic medicine, modern medicine is still grappling with the idea that herbal medicine could be an effective treatment, and not just quackery, although thousands of years of recorded history has proved its efficacy. A new model of understanding in medicine needs to be incorporated into the existing allopathic model. Because of the growing popularity and effectiveness of natural medicine, practitioners may eventually be given their deserved place in medical society. The incorporation of natural medical practices into the existing model of conventional Western medicine, including the training of new medical doctors, is now called Complimentary Medicine. In order to solve our health problems, this modern paradigm for treatment in medicine must be promoted. This can only truly emerge when bias, self-interest, greed and discrimination is discarded and diverse medical knowledge is promoted and shared, not only between university trained scientists and medical doctors, but among Alternative Medicine practitioners, philosophers, metaphysicians, and other intelligentsia of society as well.

Skip The Lines – Bring The Amusement Park Right To Your Own Back Yard

There’s no shortage of things to do in Atlanta. From professional sports to amusement parks, there’s something for everyone. In fact, Atlanta is proud to house some of the nations largest amusement attractions, including the ever popular Six Flags Over Georgia. Children (and adults) love the thrill and adrenaline rush of the large roller coasters. However, one thing most people don’t like about amusement parks is the long lines. By the time it’s all said and done, you can spend several hundred dollars for your family to have an afternoon of fun, and only get a few rides in. This year, instead of spending the day waiting in long lines for short rides, why not bring the fun right to your back yard? With today’s technology, you can literally do just that! One of the advantages of living in a large city like Atlanta is that we have large rental companies that can make your special event feel just like a trip to Six Flags… complete with a train and an ice cream cart!

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If you’re trying to replicate the amusement park feel, there are definitely specific items that you’ll want to be on the lookout for. As mentioned previously, ice cream carts and trackless trains help make the special event feel more like a day at Six Flags.In order to make your next special event more special, try some of the following tips:

Head online to do some research on the party rental company that has the selection your looking for. If you want an ice cream cart to complete your theme park adventure, look around until you find what you’re looking for.

Don’t settle for the first website you see. There are literally hundreds of inflatable party rental companies in Atlanta. Keep looking for a website that offers a wide variety of rental items that you’re looking for.

It’s better to rent everything from one company. Renting in bulk can help you save money. Larger companies will offer discounts for larger purchases of multiple units and rental items.

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Having a day of amusement park fun is cheaper and easier than ever before. By bringing the amusement park to your front door by using a party rental industry, you can include more people at a lower price. So next time you’re planning a special day, instead of spending tons of money for just a few people and braving the long lines of amusement parks, invite the whole neighborhood and bring the amusement park right to your own back yard!

Get Freelancers for Your Business Services Needs

While running a business, there are many essential services that are required on a day to day basis. Business services are an important element of any business that ensures its survival. For small business that struggle to hire full time staff, outsourcing these services to freelance providers could be the ideal answer. If you decide to get freelancers for your business services needs, there is no doubt they would turn out to be reliable and a necessary part for your business processes.Once the company has found reliable freelancers, results will become obvious that the business will start to develop and grow into successful entity. There are many freelance websites which offer opportunities for both businesses and the freelancers to find each other and work together. One can find a lot of different business services offered by freelancers and it is these diverse resources that businesses will be able to leverage and improve their current situations.

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Whether it is accounting services, financial services, IT services or any other required service by the business, one can find experienced freelancers for all business service requirements. Once you get freelancers for your business you will find out how reliable, convenient and cost effective they are. To get freelancers whenever they are required, employers find they soon become a necessary investment. Freelancers have the ability to do anything in their chosen fields, it won’t take long before they become an integral part of the companies processes.To get freelancers is not a very difficult task; there are many freelance websites where one can find freelancers for every kind of business service. Freelancers can really make a big difference in the development and growth of a business through their efficient services. In today’s world, businesses are worried about their profit margins and are always on the verge of contracting their budget and expanding their profits. Hiring a freelancer for business services is a great way to cut costs effectively.

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Hiring freelancers for performing various business services has become a trend for many companies. It is a cost effective way to run a business, but make sure that the services you acquire from the freelancers are up to the mark. But overall it is a very effective way of running a business. The only thing required is to keep a close communication with the hired freelancer to make sure there are no misunderstandings along the way.It is well known that to get freelancers for business services is quite advantageous, especially for small business. Once the business founds a reliable freelancer, it has been proven that the business would benefit a lot from the services provided by a freelancer